Welcome to Hotel-Blogs.com!

The domain name says it all. Hotel blogs. That’s what we do. If we learned anything during the pandemic, well we certainly learned that we love travel, and we love blogging.

Inspired by this desire to get back out there and grab life by the horns, we decided to embark on making websites about our favorite travel experiences, and specifically, to offer something more to help hospitality businesses to spring back to life when we all got out and about again… by representing amazing hotels through the power of online word-of-mouth; through social media; through blogging.

We’ve setup hundreds of distinct microsites – all blogs, and all about travel. Some are whole regions, some are dedicated to single hotels. Some are tributes to resorts and hotels we loved, which sadly are no more. But all share one common theme: a love of travelling and travel – and we try to share links and opportunities to still experience a like-for-like experience, so even if a hotel we might have loved before is no more, we’ll point out a new place you can enjoy in a similar location, so that your thirst for visiting that place can be quenched, and the spirit of adventure is never diminished.

Happy travels!

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